World’s most 7 expensive destinations

Musha Cay

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Musha Cay is one of the 11 islands in the Copperfield Bay and is surely the most expensive destination for vacation. Here you actually have to hire a whole island and you can choose the guests who will stay at the island. For a night in the island will cost $40000.


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So many people from around the world travel to Paris and it has so many things to offer to the tourists. And so this city is becoming one of the most expensive tourists’ destination in the world.


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The Middle Eastern city of Dubai is surely one of the most expensive cities and a vacation here will cost you a bomb. From man-made islands to huge towers, Dubai is a place for one who can seamlessly spend money.

Cocoa Island

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In the Cocoa Island you actually stay over the turquoise water and you are connected to the Island by a boardwalk. Here the suits are beautifully designed two bedroom villas that offer private sun decks. It is a perfect romantic destination if you are ready to spend some good amount of money.

New York

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Being one of the most popular cities in the world, there is no surprise that New York makes it into this list.  With so many attraction the city never sleeps and sees o many guests all over the year. But there is also no doubt that it is one of the most expensive vacation destinations.


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Another Island in this list for an expensive vacation is the Seychelles. Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a place of many island and the most expensive island here is the Fregate. This island is basically a private resort with lavish villas which have been exclusively designed to bring in luxury and beauty.

Virgin Island

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The least expensive suite in this island, during a low season costs $695 for a night. This island has everything from seven white sand beaches, plants, animals, and beautiful birds. Apart from this the island also has a huge drinking club, and yoga centers.