Why too much attachment is bad for Love life

Getting too connected to someone in a relationship is normal. Expressing and showing your love out in public is nothing new for two lovers. You always want your spouse to be there with you through all the good and the bad situations. You want them to be there with you at all times. However, many love experts have discussed adversely showing too much attachment is bad for a Love life.

We are born into the social context of our family and easily need to develop ways to getting our needs met by our caretakers. Based on our early psychological surroundings, we make the best variation to get our needs met by the possibility caretakers we have available to us, usually our parents or other family members.


Image source: lifehack.org

A person truly in love with another facilitates and cares about you for that unique one selflessly, without anticipating anything in come back. If any of the partners does not feel this, then it isn’t a true relationship. The type of exaggerated connection where even one of the partners has selfish intentions, like getting economical support or just as a source of pleasure, in that situation they put on an extreme show of love to improve individual benefits. Such connections are ruined from the beginning.