Why Gulmarg Is Called Heaven On Earth


1. Cable Car


Image source: travel.india.com

Finding cable car in India is not an easy thing as they are available only in very less number in some selected places only. Gulmarg is one of the most notable locations in this list as the cable car over there is located in such a manner that tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature in a much better way sitting in the chairs of cable car. It is more interesting to travel in cable car during the summer season as tourists can see lot of snow in the track of their cable car course.

2. Winter Sports


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There are many regions in the Himalayan region available where there is more snow and ice is present. Even then, they are not suitable for activities of snow sports. The climatic conditions over the city of Gulmarg is so pleasant that the snow becomes so soft and tangible that it can be exploited better for the sports activities like skiing. Various national and international events on winter sports are now conducted over there every year. It will be an eye catching appearance for tourists to see the beauty of sports people performing exclusive stunts of winter sports.

3. Snow Trekking 


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Even when there are lot of activities now popular in Gulmarg, one of the activity that many people are more interested to do in the recent days is snow trekking. It is an entirely different experience to reach to the peak of mountains walking in the middle of snow. Best tracks are now available for snow trekking during in the middle of winter season. Although it is not permitted for all people to practice snow trekking, people can reach to some safe points in the Snow Mountains and feel the real pressure of snow trekking. Expert guidance is also available for trekking.

4. Valley of Flowers


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Once the winter has started to end up its scene, the climate over Gulmarg will change drastically. As soon as spring has come up with its pleasant sun light and breeze, beautiful flowers will begin to bloom in the valleys. Exploring the beauty of the valley of Gulmarg will be one of the best moments in lifetime for people. Many tourists will camp in the tablelands of Gulmarg and see the beauty of morning sun and the flowers blooming up. Tourists from several parts of the world are now camping at Gulmarg to feel the real beauty of nature.

5. Historical Golf Court


Image source: industrialtour.com

Gulmarg is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the ancient India. Several Mughal emperors have used this place as one of the best escape spot for summer. After British rule in India, Gulmarg is being maintained as the same. In the roadmap of best golf court in the world, there is always a special place for Gulmarg as it homes one of the largest green grass golf court which is the highest ever.