As the entire nation is looking for the results of Gujarat state assembly election 2017 results, the results are showing positive sign for the current ruling party in both state and in the central BJP.  To be frank, the expectation for the Gujarat state assembly has raised all the bars due to the some bold initiatives taken by the BJP government in recent time, especially the implementation of GST which highly created a stir among the business sectors of the nation.

The opposition party congress has taken the black money, demonetization and introduction of GST on their hands to strike the state ruling party BJP in order to grab the state government by bring down the 6 years run of BJP in the state. However, the dream of the opposition was broken in just 3 hours of vote counting started at sharp of 8AM today (18th December of 2017) in the state.

Tension moment

During initial 45 minutes of counting, congress has gained upper hand over the BJP and at one stage there’s a belief in all around the corners of the nation that the ruling party will face the possible defeat. Apart from those nervous initial 45 minutes for the BJP, the fortune turns around in BJP’s favor and they managed to gain massive leads in over 100 seats of the state.


There has been a spectacular celebration in front of the BJP office in all the state and   it is expected that the prime minister of nation Mr. Narendra Modi will be visiting the BJP Office in Gujarat state by around 4 or 5 PM today to address his state citizens. Being a home state of the Prime Minister Mr. Modi, the opposition party Congress took tremendous effect to grab the state government, but their entire hard work of them went in vain.  

Expected Poll Results

As far as the latest poll news gathered from the trusted resources, without any doubt BJP will grab the majority position by cross over 100 seats. However, it will likely to fall short when compared with the poll results of the 2012 state election results.