Well, in the current bollywood industry the newly added stars with bright future Sara Ali Khan and Vaani Kapoor. There’s no doubt about the acting talent and also both stars are significantly beautiful. In recent times, both the actress proves that they are equally matched when it comes to fashion. 

Vaani Kapoor


image: instagram.com

On the recently held red carpet, the actress vani kapoor has showcased her fashion statement by wearing a black gown which was specially designed by the favorite designer Nikhil Thampi. She chosen the sexy cut gown which portraits her as a hot chick.

Sara Ali Khan


image: hindaily.com

Sara Ali Khan 23 year old actress from filmy families is quite charm and elegance. Sara Ali Khan often prefers to be in traditional look. The appearance of salwar – kurta gives her the superlative traditional looks. To be she is the traditional trendsetter.

Both actresses are looks elegant on their appearances, Vaani chosen the sexy side while the sara chosen the traditional side.