Where to eat and stay in Spain




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Barcelona is one of the best places to live, eat and enjoy in Spain. There are some great restaurant in Barcelona including restaurants like Bar La Pla, Tickets, El Casa Tomas, and Franks. Since there are tourists all the time in this city, there are many hotels to stay here.



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Alicante offers great places to live including Melia Alicante Hotel and Hotel Hospes. Alicante can be a delight for your taste buds and you should definitely try out La Ereta, NouManolin, Casa Mia Italia, and many others.



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Madrid again is a popular place in Spain and has a plenty of options for the tourists. Well Madrid has quite some places to eat and stay. For food lovers there Casa Labra, Goya Restaurant, Devour Madrid, and many others.



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Toledo is growing in popularity and you will find some nice places to stay in Toledo. This would include places like Fontecruz Palacio Eugenia de Montijo. Well for food you can for restaurants like Tobiko Restaurante, La Fabrica de Harinas, etc.

Seville restaurants


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Seville is quite popular among tourists and so there are many good restaurants and hotels here. Hotels here will offer you high standard living with supreme comfort. There are plenty of eating places here and you must try out Becerrita, Cuna 2 and La Cacharreria.

Bilbao Hotels


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It is a stylish city and there are some great swish hotels here which will provide you with out most luxury. For eating you can find restaurants like Casa Rufo, Mina Restaurante and many others.

Malaga Hotels and restaurants


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During Easter the place is full of tourists and even otherwise many tourists are attracted to Malaga. There are many hotels available here at different rates. And coming to the dining places, there are some amazing restaurants here.



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Palma is a popular tourist’s destination in Spain and has great places to stay and eat. There are five star hotels here and also cheaper hotels are available. For accommodation you may look out for St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca, Palau Ca SaGalesa, etc. And for food you may try out The Room, Bunker’s, etc.

Valencia Hotels and restaurants


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There are hotels of all rates available here in Valencia. For food you can look out for famous restaurants like Riff, Civera Marisquerias, etc.

Santiago de Compostela


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Even though there are many places to stay in Santiago, the hotel are always booked here. So you have to book from well before. There are some nice restaurants in the city including Bodeguilla de San Roque, Taberna de Bispo, etc.