Spend time with him

People seen lots of guys who love to flirt a girl in public places, but most of the research says that most of the Indian guys are not worthy to flirt a girl. Indian men might have nothing other than the Bollywood to look up for the reference when it comes to the learning techniques of flirting.

image: rebelcircus.com

Men needs to feel loved

In this modern world, power of Bollywood to put forth influence of our personality, mind and behavior remains immense. People see their favorite actress donning latest fashion trend and blindly hop on to bandwagon by choosing the exact same look. All Bollywood films option to romanticizing making and stalking it looks like the fundamental part of courtship process.

Tell things which you expect him to do

In a film, hero following girl that he likes might be considered as act of flirting. In real life, stalking girl who could not respond your feelings might not end up achieving such kind of the harmless connotations. Men are having lack of communications skills.

Listen to him

Most of the people think that before starting conversation with the girl is similar for going to be interview. Our hookup generation and low attention span might be ensured that flirting is treated as nothing but mere stopgap before the sex. As a result, both parties especially men are not only refusing to take it seriously but also they put small effort which ensures this step becomes enjoyable. There are plenty of reasons are there why Indian men stop flirting.