Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States of America, and the very first African American who was selected for this big position by the country people. First elected to the post of president in 2008, and after that he continued his success and won a second term in 2012. But third times he loses his post and gets defeated by his rival Trump.

Outgoing US President Barack Obama now gives a departure message of hope for a state governed by Donald Trump. 

Last night he gives his last message to his people as president after Trump’s victory On November 8 2017. After that he handover his work to Trump.  In his message he said that we are going to be OK, even as he promises to speak up if the country’s core values are in danger.

After Trump’s victory in the November 8th of 2016 presidential elections, Obama has get together with his successor only once, but they have talked on phone many time regarding different issues.

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He said that I have given my best advice, guidance regarding certain issues both on foreign and on domestic issue to Mr. Trump. He said that things will be Ok under the guideline of current president. And people need not to worry

In last he said that now he wants to give his time to his family and his writing hobby.  He wants to spend his free time with his daughters and wife Michelle. Also his priorities would be to do some creative writing. He also said that his time will be now friend his family and friends and I give all my good wishes to Mr. Trump so that he can do the best for the nations.