Warner Bros to open Abu Dhabi Theme Park in 2018


The year 2018 will see the open of the Warner Bros theme park in the Yas Island of Abu Dhabi. The government-owned company, Miral announced that park is currently under construction and the first phase of it will be completed. This park of the DC Comics, Hanna-Barbera, etc. is a $1-billion project and it would be completely owned by Miral.


Image source: english.alarabiya.net

The Yas Island, where the theme park will be located, is a manmade island which also has the Formula One race track and a Ferrari theme park. The site is also supposed to have the only Warner Bros themed hotel which will open eventually. Currently the island already has more than 90 dining places, golf course, a mall and also many hotels.

The project will make the Warner Bros and Abu Dhabi government and Miralto bring up all the stories and characters of the comics which would involve all the super heroes and the wonder women and all the other cartoon characters to the Yas Island. The park will be an entertaining place for people of all age groups, as at some point or the other all individuals have watched or read a DC Comic. It will provide all the required amenities and high-class entertainment to the people visiting the park.


Image source: www.luxpresso.com

The chairman of Warner Bros. said that the park will be made in such a way that it will be engaging and interactive and will provide the visitors with a memorable experience. He also added that UAE is a leading tourist destination and having a theme park created in Abu Dhabi would attract more and more fans to the park. According to Miral, the theme park will lead to the creation of around 1000 new jobs, thus employing more people in Abu Dhabi.

With the fall of the oil prices, UAE wants to focus on its tourism revenue and with the opening of the Warner Bros. theme park the country would expect a huge hike in the number of visitors to the country. It is expected by the government of UAE that the number of visitors will increase from around 25 million in 2016 to 30 million in 2018, after the opening of the park. The UAE government is making all efforts to meet the demand of being a world class tourist destination with completely advanced infrastructure and facilities.

The size of the park and the kind of infrastructure the theme park will have is still hidden by Miral, who also refuse to tell the umber and kinds of rides that the park would have. Though they have clearly said that the park will be 100 percent owned by them and that Aldar would have no ownership in this park. Miral said that they have got legal permission from the Warner Bros. to use their name and their brand’s properties to use in the theme park.

Miral is a limited company which is supported and backed by the government of Abu Dhabi and owns a lot of property including Middle East’s largest water park called the Yas Waterworld.