Well it seems like the leaders of the top nations US and the RUSSIA are in good touch and also they demonstrating the co-operation required among the world countries to fight against the terrorism. The two leaders are talked through phone calls in direct within the 4 days gap.

As per the press note released from the Russian authority, the Russian president has dialed the US president Mr. Trump and thanked him for letting the CIA – The American secret service for informing about the terrorist plot in the St. Petersburg few days ago.


image: ft.com

Statement from Moscow Officials

The statement released from the respective Moscow officials has confirmed the news about the talk in-between the two leaders in phone call. It also stated that the Russian secret detective service able to prevent the massive terror attack which was planned to strike at St. Petersburg with the information provided by the American Secret service CIA few days ago.

Statement from White House

 Just like the Moscow, the white house too confirmed the news about the call from the Russian President to Mr. Trump. In that statement, it is clearly mentioned that, based on the secret information provided by the CIA to the Russian secret service, they managed to capture the terrorist in prior to the attack in St. Petersburg. The statement also quoted that the attack could be massive and it might killed large people in the city.

On responding to the situation, both the leaders are now in same path on sharing the secret news on terror plots. Meanwhile, on last year during the American presidential election, a top official in US has directly mentioned that the relationship in-between the US and the RUSSIA in significantly low ever since the cold war occurs. But on considering the current situation, the leaders of both nations are showing their interest on improving the relationship among the nations. There have been rumors that the current US president Mr. Trump rarely criticized Russia ever since he sworn and in mood of developing good relationship with Russia.