Virat credits wife Anushka for his ODI win

 The power couple of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma has been a favourite of Indian pop culture right from their dating days to their recent surprise marriage. There was a time when media and cricket fans used to make ludicrous remarks and claims that Virat’s under performance in a few games was all because his partner was leading to distraction. Virat was made the target of such gibberish especially during the last World Cup where India couldn’t win the big prize. However, now with maturity in Virat’s life, both personally and professionally, he has shut the critics for good.

South Africa, an arch nemesis for the men in blue on the field, got thrashed in a 5-1 series loss. And in the ODI series, Virat batted a magnificent 558 runs showing that he still has got true grit left in him for the years to come. After the match, Virat got emotional talking about the remainder of his career, thanking his team and his wife. “My wife has kept me going throughout the tour. I am grateful for that.” Virat said in a heartfelt manner. He continued saying his victories, his team’s victories are a result of many people who are close to him, and they deserve credit for it. In addition, Virat also addressed the criticism that his wife had faced in the past but reinstated the fact that she has been a driving force for him to stay motivated. Although in a few days, Virat and the boys will have to get back in the game with an upcoming T20 series in South Africa.