US states propose laws which could stop protests against Donald Trump

Ever since Mr. Donald Trump elected as the new president for the United States of America, people are witness lots of political restless situation in the country. Every now and then some controversial statement released by the government officials and rulers. Recently, the president imposed a new act which bans people from seven of the Muslim countries from entering into American soil also the act stops the US refugee camp for some months which provides the shelter and foods for the victims of terrorism in Syria country.

In addition to those controversial political moves by Trump, people who stands against the Trump protesting nationwide.  In order to control such activity the newly formed Trump government implemented a new rule which bans the activities carried by the anti-trump protestors all over the states.

As per the new ‘anti – protest’ laws proposed by the respective department in the states, it mainly focused to restrict the rights of the common people to protest against the certain issues in the streets of the republican country. In literal, nearly about 10 new bill are proposed by the state legislature officials for restricting the anti trump protesters.

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With respect to the trust able source, the new bills against such protest activities are formed after witnessing the mass protest conducted by the ‘Black Lives matter’ and ‘Stand Rock’ well before the inauguration of the newly elected president Mr. Trump.

On witnessing the current situations prevails in the land of America it is pretty clear that the newly elected president Mr. Donald Trump’s government is about to expect lot more trouble in future.