On the effect of Saudi military deals in the hundreds of billions, such as air defence systems worth lots of amounts, the Yemeni missile force is constantly on the focus on the Saudi detail.

US President Donald Trump has recognized his country’s Patriot interceptor missiles, but a new research into the latest attempted attack on Saudi Arabic casts a shadow on his evaluation. Reports that the defence systems of the Saudi Arabia supposedly damaged a ballistic missile taken on Riyadh by Houthi causes last month may be “wrong,” according to the New York Times.

In early Nov, it was revealed that Saudi Arabia’s US-made Patriot air defense system was taken down an alleged Burqan-2 missile which was launched from Yemeni area by Houthi rebels. The New York Times also mentioned eyewitnesses as saying that there was a blast 12 kilometres away from the Riyadh airport. This corroborates the newspaper’s recommendation that during the journey, a warhead divided from the missile’s back pipe, which was damaged by Saudi Arabia’s Patriot system.


image: sputniknews.com

The Saudi negation will not work, especially after the United States focus on focusing on the oil service, a verification that may be recurring nowadays in focusing on the Master Fahd Air Platform, and later in other ballistic attacks.Today, Saudi Arabic lost twice, the first because of the strike and its results, and the second because of the existence of Riyadh in the trap of America, and may become third if Washington convinced the Saudi side to determine new army air defence systems deals.