US orders first drone strikes under Trump

On last Friday, the US carried their targeted drone strike to the Al-Qaida Operatives. It was the first drone attack carried by the United States of America ever since the newly elected president Mr. Trump sworn as the new president.

As per the records released by the government officials regarding this drone strikes around the area field commander Anis Al-Abi about 7 to 8 militants were killed. Meanwhile, looking deep into the matter of this drone strike in the Arabian Peninsula region Yemen Mr. Trump hasn’t ordered such strikes in fact, the strike doesn’t requires Mr. Trump approval since it authority has been shifted to the general Joseph votel who is in-charge.

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It is the first strike carried by the United States of American army against the terrorist after Mr. Trump sworn as the new president. The entire operations have been confirmed on the next day by releasing the official reports by the respective officers at the pentagon. Being a global threat the group Al Qaeda from the Arabian Peninsula region facing some severe army attack from the US government ever since the attack of 9/11 which caused around 3000 people lives.

After that devastating terror incident the US government took their iron hands to control the terrorism activities all over the world and they successfully managed several operations against several terrorist groups all over the world. The leader of the Al Qaeda was killed few years back on the attack carried by the United States Government.