US administration ‘100% certain’ about Russian hacking

The 2016 presidential election held in the United States of America had lots of controversies and it includes the reports cited by the US intelligence community’s as the Russia’s hand in the cyber attack with the motive of affecting the presidential election. However, the newly elected president Mr. Trump raised his doubts as if cyber attack carried by Russia means why the current government not taken any action against the hackers until the election results negative for them!, On his tweet well before taking oath as the president of US.

However, recently the state department spokesman John Kirby quoted that the United States administration 100% believes the involvement of Russia on hacking the electoral data from US server. He also added that the hacking operation which carried by the hackers is not only the assessment against the president or to any other cabinet officials, it poses a threat to the entire intelligence community which the United States own.

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Meanwhile, the newly elected Mr. Trump raised several questions against the assessment as why did the previous government raised this issue after the defeat of Hillary and how they started to blame Russia without capturing the real hackers who involved in the cyber crime.

However, the spokesman Mr. Kirby showcased the rock solid intention over his statement and the intelligent community in US strongly believes the involvement of Russia on the cyber criminal activities which held during the United States Presidential elections campaign during the 2016.