UNWTO declares Egypt’s Luxor as World Tourism Capital for 2016


The Egyptian city, Luxor has been chosen as the ‘World Tourism Capital’ this year by the Executive Council of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The 103 session of the UNWTO was held in Malaga, Spain earlier this month and Egypt’s Luxor city was announced as the tourism capital of the world.


Image source: lankainformation.lk

Luxor is a part of Southern Egypt and was earlier called Thebes. It was also the capital city of Egypt during the New Kingdom. Currently Luxor is known for its Egyptian temples and tombs.

Since now the city has been announced as the capital by 50 other countries of the UNWTO, the city will organize the 104th meeting of UNWTO at the end of October, with representatives from more than 50 countries participating in it. Along with this, Luxor will also be hosting the 5th Global Summit on City Tourism in the month of November, this year.


Image source: www.travelnewsdigest.in

The city is known to conduct many cultural and arts events like the recent fifth edition of the Luxor African Film Festival. The city has been in the lime light of tourists for a long time until the year 2011 when there was a political problem in the state. It is said that the country’s tourism revenue had fallen up to 15 percent in the year 2015. But now again there have been a lot of efforts made by the government of Egypt and the tourism department of Egypt to boost the tourism of Luxor. The direct flight between Egypt and Japan was also resumed as an effort for boosting the country’s tourism revenue.

Since now the city of Luxor has been declared as the World Tourism Capital for 2016, the city is expecting significant rise in the inflow of the tourist from all over the world. The UNWTO meeting will bring in delegates and other people from different country which will surly increase the tourism revenue of Luxor.

Along with this there are many other efforts made by the city and also the country to increase the number of people visiting the country, especially Luxor, and make an improvement in the tourism statistics of the city.