UK tourists to continue paying roaming fees despite EU ban in the mid of 2017

Well, in recent past the world has witnessed some dispute between the European Union and the Britain in terms of trades and other business especially in real estate sectors.  Now it seems that the European Union is likely to hit back at the Britain by charging roaming charges for the UK travelers who visits EU for spending their holidays.


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As per the information received from the sources, it is confirmed that many mobile operators are asked to relieve their roaming chargers for their customers who are visiting EU owing to that the travelers may tends to pay for their call, SMS’s and internet usage as they pay while being at home from the June of 2017, however, this benefits may be applicable for the travelers who are from the United Kingdom.


The experts from EU and Britain predicts that the new roaming rule which stands against the UK travelers are mainly imposed on accounting the Britain decision of getting exit from the European Union in near future. They also suggest that UK government must respond to the new roaming bills and needs to make some deal with EU in order to reduce the UK traveler’s hefty phone bills.  

The ‘NO’ roaming charges are not implemented suddenly, for the past few recent years the EU has forced mobile operators to reduce their roaming charges and some other operators are forced to do so in order to stay in the market.