Trump’s budget seeks fraction of US-Mexico border wall cost

Recently, the Trump has released the full year budget on Tuesday and offers $1.6 billion down payment for the new and replacement sections of a wall. Actually, the president has estimated that the cost of completing barrier would be $8 billion to $12 billion, but the actual cost can be far higher. The administration of Trump also says that the wall remains the presidential priority in order to keep the undocumented immigrants out of the United States.

The Trump also said that the Mexico will pay the bill in which the country has refused to do. The Meadows is a Chairman and North Carolina Republican of the conservative house freedom caucus. Meadows said the wall is not going to be met with the best receptivity in senate, so they ask for about $12 billion in a budget for the wall border. The president also awakening to this idea and the democratic support will be required for his ideas.


For immigration and infrastructure, the trump’s request is of about $2.6 billion. They also need $300 million to hire the immigration enforcement agent, $202 million for the equipments like weapons, radios and computers, $239 million for aircraft and some other aviation assets and $197 million for sensors, radars and other surveillance technology. Apart from this, the $1.6 million is needed for border of a wall construction as well as replacement. However, this request will cover the 32 miles of border construction of a wall and 14 miles of a new border wall system replacement.