As everyone knows Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are circling one another and this week they will plan to meet face to face. Over the previous four years, Trump is plentifully praised Putin and despicable by most of the Washington as US enemy. Actually Putin is the former KGB officer who put the proposal to reassert Russian power at west’s expense in center of foreign policy. In fact Trump also continually called for improved ties along with the Russia. Putin goes to the meeting with some advantages such as national security policy and control of foreign.

Actually trump wants the meeting along with the Putin to be the formal affair. In fact Trump disappointed European leaders by weakening to the repeat NATO self-defense. Actually extraordinary political implication and circumstances of their talks in the Hamburg might ensure their meeting at later week. Trump is under the extreme political pressure which is useful to ensure to raise the issue of alleged Russian intrusion in 2016 election. Putin is used optics to express the displeasure along with the US presidents.


Actually meeting between the Putin and Trump is one of the key for future of Middle East and Europe. In fact Trump will use these kinds of meeting to complain about the election interference. In fact there is specific agenda is available for this meeting because they can speak whatever want to talk. In fact Russia sanctions bill is still stuck in the congress before the Putin and Trump meeting.