Trump administration proposes massive $ 190 Million cut in aid to Pakistan

Ever since, Trump sworn as the president of United States of America his administration never fails to grab the attention of media all over the world. The state department of U.S has recently proposed the budget of $344 million in aid to Pakistan as financial assistance of the nation’s counter-terrorism strategy and also in participants of the peace process carried by U.S in Afghanistan.

However, when compared with the last year’s budget of $534 million current year’s budget amount has been reduced the significant level of $190 which is massive in numbers. Pakistan is the only country next to Afghanistan in South Asia receiving such whooping amount of financial assistance from United States of America.


As far as the data released by the state federal government, the proposed $344 million financial assistance includes the amount of $100 million for its co-operation in military assistance in foreign countries especially in Afghanistan. The current 2017 fiscal would be end by the September month. According the economic conditions, Pakistan is the large and potentially growing place for United States Businesses.

In the first ever budget proposed under the leadership of Mr. Trump, the state department has quoted that the there would be no interruption in between the bilateral co-operation of several countries which also includes the US-Pakistan interests. The total budget proposed as the financial assistance for Pakistan has been clearly elaborated in section wise by the state department officials.