Some of the trends that we met in 2017 will stay with us for longer. They will also include quite new ones. What will we wear in the New Year, who to admire, what to watch? 

Below are 5 Trends in fashion for 2018

Embroidered pattern

Designers fell in love with embroidered patterns, hippie flowers, bindings, maxi lengths and long tassels. Even the blouses in the net chains gained puffs, and the booties have a snake skin texture. 

Skinny scarf


Very inconspicuous, but equally stylish. Skinny scarf, because it’s about it, it’s nothing but a thin scarf. 

Lace dresses

The lace is coming back in style. In their everyday styles, Alexander Wang used them, in the more evening ones – Dolce & Gabbana. Lace dresses are decorated with collections of native brands, including L’Ame de Femme, Metaphors and GaPa Fashion.

Pencil skirts

This is undoubtedly the most feminine cut of the skirt, which until recently was associated mainly with the office uniform. Fortunately, these times are over! Today, the pencil skirt is a great excuse to play with fashion. You can wear it traditionally – in a duet with elegant high heels or with sporty shoes – that’s what the biggest fashionistas wear them.

Floristic pattern

We have good news for all women who love floral motifs. We propose to buy a romantic dress decorated with a floristic pattern. You will be able to wear it in spring and summer, but also in early autumn.