Top U.S diplomat, DHS Chief to visit Mexico

Tension between Mexico and U.S

After Donald took office, tension prevails between U.S and its southern neighbor Mexico.  Trump has announced to build a border wall and also to increase the tax rates on Mexican products. He has also announced to pull out of a trade deal with Mexico if it cannot be renegotiated favoring U.S. A meeting between the two countries Presidents was cancelled last month following Trump’s statement to his Mexican counterpart to not to attend the meeting if he is not ready to pay for the wall.

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U.S Officials visit

  • Top U.S officials Rex Tilerson, the secretary of state along with John Kelly, the homeland security secretary will be visiting Mexico for two days. During their visit, they will meet the Mexican president and other senior officials including ministers of finance, foreign affairs, navy, interior affairs and defense.
  • It is expected that the officials will be discussing key issues such as trade, law enforcement and border security. This visit is of great importance due to the tension prevailing between the two countries after Trump’s election.

Importance to Mexico

With new policies of trade and immigration introduced by Trump, Mexican economy is at a threat since U.S is one of its major importers. Trump’s decision to remove the privileged trade affairs with Mexico is seen as a major setback to Mexico. This has also reduced the interest of other nations investing in Mexico. It is expected that the growth rate may drop to one percent. The talks are of great importance to Mexico as they will have an impact on its economy directly.