Top reasons to travel solo


At times, as travel trip undertaken with just own self as company would be the trip of a lifetime. The reasons could be any of the following or a combination of one and more:-

1. Minimal logistic requirement

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Compare the requirements both by way of provisions and tie ups that would be required when planning a trip with a team against that being undertaken solo. Requirements such as matching time, or likes and dislikes of other members or member may not just happen. That is the best reason to shuck it all and pack my bag and be away solo.

2. Doing something different

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Many a situation where the mind works up an activity that is out of the routine genre. Something that could be classified as quirky by the mass of people out there. Fructifying such a desire would require the decision to go it alone.

3. Learning about self

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A solo trip is the best way and time to learn new things about your own self. Surprised would you be at the discovery that waits in such an intrigue filled trip.

4.  Meeting new people

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A Solo trip is sure to end up meeting new people. A social animal that we human are would sure crave company of others for some short distance and time in the trip. Going solo means acquainting with some strangers on the way.

 5. Real freedom

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There is no binding force with others, during a solo trip. It is just like a bird flying at own free will in the open sky, albeit here it maybe on ground.