Top Reasons to Consider the Asus Zenfone 3s for Your Next purchase

Asus Zenfones are in the middle of the top smart phones in the market and most feature rich too. Here are a few features that make Asus Zenfone 3s the best purchase

A frequent problem people face when travelling to colder places is using the mobile with gloves. The glove mode makes it simple for users to grip the phone during all climates when the glove is on hand. Asus recommend normal updates to make certain that your phone functions at its most excellent. It is rare to find a smart phone that have 2GB RAM at such a small cost. This makes this smart phone perfect for multi tasking.

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These mobile phone users are also very impressed with its ability to catch signal greeting in lots of remote corners. For those who are dependent on their phones for music, the phone comes with an equalizer where you can alter your settings from Music Mode in the Audio Wizard

The camera quality of the smart phone is very impressive even in low light areas. What a lot of users love is the time rewind mode that takes more than one photos 2 seconds previous to and 1 second after clicking. This mode is perfect when shooting images of moving objects, kids, birds and animals.

If you want to read book on your mobile then the reading mode makes reading easy for you, allowing you to continue reading for hours together.