Top places to visit in Sweden


1. Vasa Museum

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Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden has been filled with enormous collection of attractive tourist spots where the Vasa Museum is a famous among them, and one should not miss to visit this place. The museum has the only preserved warship of the 17th century. The museum showcases various exhibitions, choir and a film (in 18 languages) about Vasa.

2. Visby, Gotland

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Visby locality of Gotland is popular for being the beautifully preserved medieval city which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an interesting fact to know about that the fresh air and water accessing the whole Visby nature location. The city is also known as ‘The City of Ruins’ for it has ruins of many medieval churches.

3. Kosterhavet

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Sweden’s first ever marine national park is located in Stomstad and Bohuslan. It was inaugurated in 2009 to save the rare collects of marine’s flora and fauna. The place offers beautiful fishing villages, boat trips, lobster safaris, diving, sea kayaking and many others. It is home for more than 6000 marine species.

4. Marstrand

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Marstrand island of Sweden is an interesting place that should be visit first in Sweden that consists of beautiful, bright and colorful buildings, holiday homes, oceans and many castles. One can stay and enjoy soothing spa at the Grand Hotel Marstrand and Havshotellet Marstrand. Sailing is also more famous here, since it is an Island sailing makes it an ideal location for competition as well as casual journey.

5. Kiruna, Lapland

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The icy town of Sweden is known to be a winter wonderland and is popular for ice fishing, snowmobile jumping, skiing, moose watching, ice sculpting, and many more. The largest and the first hotel made of ice (Icehotel) are just 17 kilometers away from this city. The ice hotel is constructed every year in the month of November and then it melts by the month of April-May.