Top places to visit in Spain


1. Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family

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The large wonderful Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona was designed by a Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. This building looks horrible from a distance where it is more beautiful when you move closer to it. Once you reach inside, it’s incredible and gets wow of your heart without fail. The uniqueness stands with drastically different looks from each side.

2. Alhambra

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It is a fortress and Palace complex situated in the Granada, Spain. Most of the architectural ornaments were craved stucco rather than stones. It exists as one of the major tourist’s attractive destination of Granada, well known for its Islamic architecture and an inspiration for many songs and stories. It is an essential pilgrimage site for several guests and predictably crowded.

3. Spanish National Art Museum

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The National Art Museum of Catalonia consists of the finest collection of the European art from worldwide. You can undoubtedly see every best single collection of Spanish Art here. There are several highlighting collections appear in the museum that includes various paintings, sculptures, drawings and other prints. The Las Meninas by Velazques is a well known work displayed in the museum.

4. The Royal Palace of Madrid

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This is an official residency of the Spanish royal family that located in the city of Madrid which is specially used during state ceremonies. The interior decorations make use of rich materials such as Spanish marbles, Mahogany windows and doors along with wonderful frescoes art work by the leading artist and the style change over with the time of artistic styles.

5. Casa Batllo

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It is one of the greatest masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi which located at the centre of Barcelona. As like Gaudi’s other architectural work, it is identifiable as modernism with unusual tracery, different irregular shaped windows and the unique decoration portion made up of colourful mosaic which are broken ceramic tiles. The dragon back model is beautifully stretched in the roof arch.

6. Costa del Sol

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This is a region that situated between two coastal regions namely the Costa de la Luz and the Coastal Tropical in the south of Spain. One can enjoy the cuisine of seafood and the cruise experience here. It is a treasure to find the beautiful landscapes, delicious seafood, amazing beaches and interesting white hinterland villages.

7. Montjuic

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It is a shallow hill with enormous attractive features located in this region such as the Magical Fountain, the Spanish Village and one of the city’s important Museums. The international Exhibition and Olympics are most important events took place here during 1929 and 1992 respectively. The Olympic ring, renewed gardens, National Palace and Magical Fountain are highlights.