Top 7 things you’ll understand if your boyfriend is kind of unromantic

  1. Sometimes you would even get an inner feeling that whether he loves you are not

It is because no matter what happens between you, there must be some space left for you to fill up with happiness and love. If suppose in that case if he fails to express then sure you would get hurt and get a doubt about it.


  1. He would fail to notice you when you are in need of him

Some boys would really fail to notice your pretty style and they would be concentrating in some other things. In that place even though you say your feelings and wants indirectly they cannot able to understand.

  1. He hates to give a romantic picture along with you

Even there is also possibility for this to happen you would be in such a romantic mood to take a different picture along with him. But he would never mind of that and be causal and hesitate to take pictures along with you.

  1. Skipping up of dating along with you/ giving preference to his friends rather than you

You would long for his love but he would always try to enjoy his life and time with his friends rather than spending time for you. You would arrange for a date he would arrange some other outing plan with his friends.

  1. He would forget the important dates

When he forgets your birthday that reflects he is unromantic and in that place it reveals that he does not value your love and care.

  1. When his surprise never impresses you anytime

The bond of love towards you both would increase only when you really express it to each other with gifts. If that itself is not worthy and romantic then it automatically says he is unromantic.

  1. He hesitate to give you kiss/hug frequently

In case when he thinks a lot to kiss and to hug you then sure he would hesitate to do everything for you. This directly proves that his love towards you is in zero level.