Top 7 Islands that are hidden from the World


1. Ulleungdo, South Korea

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This tiny island of Ulleungdo is located in the midway between Korea and Japan. There are several remains still present in the location hat are remains from the volcanic activities that took place millions of years before.

2. Torres Strait Islands, Australia

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Before escaping into the vast mass of water off the shores of Australia, the best place to find on the tip is the Torres Strait islands. There are many islands in this group that are not at all inhabited by humans.

3. Iles du Salut, French Guiana

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Iles du Salut is considered to be the Devil’s Island as there are several spooky things present in this island. It is a best thing to plan for a night stay in this island as it will be a mind blowing experience for lifetime.

4. San Blas Archipelago, Panama

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San Blas Archipelago in Panama offers scenic beauties of the sea and the sky in all aspects it could do. There are amazing places present at San Blas Archipelago that will impress people in all aspects.

5. Yaeyama Islands, Japan

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The bordering region of the Japanese archipelago is Yaeyama Islands. This island can be reached both through airplane and also through ferries that are spanning across various islands in this group.

6. Penghu Islands, Taiwan

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The Penghu Islands has many interesting and impressive places that are isolated the ruins of the modern civilization. It is a best thing to go for a shallow fishing in the isolated waters of the island to become a real nature creature.

7. Bay Islands & Hog Islands, Honduras

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The Bay Islands & Hog Islands has various attractions both on the land and also on the seas that are surrounding the islands. Regular ferry services are available for tourists to visit the isolated islands that are surrounding the mainland region.