• Pondicherry

When you really want to make a happy trip, then absolutely the best place is Pondicherry. This land had been fully covered up with the France people. Most of the building that is present over there is painted up with colourful colours as like the red, yellow and orange.


image: theholidayindia.com

Interesting places for you to visit over there:

Each place that is present over there would have a unique features and it would attract everyone at your first look itself. Whenever you go you would see a lot of people over there.

  • Serenity Beach
  • Promenada Beach
  • Immaculate Conception cathedral
  • War memorial
  • Pondicherry museum


  • Mysore

The Mysore is fully filled up with the beautiful things even you cannot able to believe all this things are real are not.



  • The beauty of old building would make you to admire on it.
  • You can see everything would be mixed up with the modernity.
  • It is filled up with the art of rich heritage.
  • It is the place that is well known for its art of literature, music and dance.

The places which you should not miss out:

  • Mysore palace
  • Brindavan gardens
  • Thonnur lake
  • Karanji lake
  • Somnathapur temple


  • Jaisalmer



By visiting the Jaisalmer it is as like you are visiting to the ancient period. It would be fully filled up with the desert. The interesting news is that it is considered as the rise of the desert like a golden mirage. You can able to find out a marvelous culture over there with the harsh climatic conditions that would give you a beautiful experience.

  • Ziro


image: traveltriangle.com

It is considered as the land of paradise where it is the oldest town that is located in Arunachal Pradesh. The Pine Hills and rice fields are a view for you to watch and enjoy over there. There are lots of places that are located for you to visit over there from the Tarin fish farm to the pine groves.

  • Gangtok


image: traveltriangle.com

It is also known as the Lofty Hill and it is a city which many would believe. When you visit that place you would find out all the places that you are seeing over there are seen somewhere in your story book. You heart would be fully filled up with happiness by seeing the different people available over there. You would wonder after seeing a Smiling people, silk sarees and their cultures.

  • Hampi


image: tripoto.com

If you wish to have some difference then you can try out with Hampi which is 300km away from the Goa that is a city of Karnataka. It is just a magnified capital of the mighty Vijayangar kingdom. Each place would be so interesting for you to see and this is the place where you would be struck up with the reel and reality.

  • Munnar


image: teavalleyresort.com

Everyone would have known about the Munnar it is the place that had been fully covered up with the happiness (green carpet spread on your way, would seems as like it welcomes you). In that place you can able to find out a valley that would be watered from the three different rivers. The little town in the valley would be dedicated to the growing, harvesting and selling.