Top 5 weekend gate ways from Kolkata


1. Mayapur

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Situated around 132 kilometers from Kolkata, Mayapur is a perfect combination of nature and religious ambiance. The main attraction of the place being the ISKCON temple and also the Ballal Mound and tomb of Chand Kazi. It is a nice place to visit in a weekend. Mayapur is one of the nine islands of Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya’s Nabadwip. It is known to a religious place but otherwise also there places to visit in Mayapur.

2. Digha

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The best place to escape to in the weekends would be Digha. It is the most visited places around Kolkata and is a famous beach holiday destination near Kolkata. Located 185 kilometers from Kolkata, the beaches of Digha are just beautiful with chains of Casuarina trees. Every year the place attracts many groups of friends and families to the resorts and hotels in Digha. Mandarmani, another famous beach retreat lies just few kilometers away.

3. Chandipur

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Another seaside destination for a weekend trip would be Chandipur which located around 265 kilometers. The best part about visiting the beaches of Chandipur is the ebb tide. It is a phenomenon that leaves a wide stretch of silvery sand beach, it happens twice a day.

4. Rasikbil

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A little far from the other places in the list, but complete worth the travel. Rasikbil is located in the Coochbehar district and attracts bird lovers to the place. It is a total treat for all bird lovers, as you can spot Storks, ibises, cormorants, parrots and spoonbills. Rasikbil is surrounded by three forest namely Atasmochar, Nagurhaat and Bochamari. Also for animal lovers, there is a deer park, crocodile rehabilitation center, leopard house, python house and tortoise house.

5. Shantiniketan

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If you are looking for a cultural and a literature filled destination of the weekend then the place of RabindraNath Tagore is perfect. You can visit the Tagore Museum, art galleries and attend the PoushMela and Basanta Utsav.