Top 5 water holidays


1. Norway

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You can explore the icy Artic Ocean here with the cute and huge polar bears. You can climb mountains, set camps, etc. This is an amazing place if you love wildlife and adventure.

2. Mexico

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The Baja Peninsula in Mexico is best for some amazing whale, dolphin, seabirds and seal watching. The place is also famous for other water sports. You can enjoy your time here with your children, sailing and sea animal watching. There are many other exiting places that you can visit here.

3. Greece

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When talking about water holiday, one can’t miss out on the beautiful islands of Greece. With traditional villages, beautiful beaches, and typical Greek lifestyle is just worth the watch. Two of the must visit islands of Greece would be Cyclades and Santorini.

4. Jamaica, Caribbean

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This place is blessed with the most beautiful coastline in the world. The sand here looks amazing and shines like sugar. It is an ideal place for beach lovers. You can party and explore some great places in Jamaica.

5. Florida, USA

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The awesome beaches of the world lay just here in Florida. From the Key West to the Cocoa beach to the South Beach; it is all worth a watch and stay, you can party and explore.