An apple is packed with countless vitamins, fiber content, antioxidants and of course rich in proteins. It will give lot of energy to the body. It will help you to balance the fasting period since you can eat it at any time. Having this delicious fruit as a juice will improve our immunity.


Nuts are one of the natural gifts to lead a healthy life. Essentially nuts are in many varieties like almonds, cashew, pista, walnut, peanut. They are all highly accomplished with enriched proteins. You can have it in raw form or combined with any recipes which you want. This will definitely balanced your diet during navaratri days.


It is rich in minerals, proteins and calcium. Apart from this it is a great source of fat burning acid to our body. It is made from milk. You can use it with cooked vegetables and various salads. A complete combination of all health factors will enhance the fasting period and give more strength.

Soy milk

Soy milk is a natural drink and has many organic values. It is made from soybeans. The soybean is also excellent source of iron and calcium. It is boon or vegans to gain adequate strength with this amazing drink. It will definitely help you to manage the diet. Navaratri become more special with this natural drink.



Papayas are rich sources of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin c and flavonoids. It is generally have a luscious taste. It has significant amount of fiber to give stamina to our body. You can prepare as a smoothie or a fruit salad. With the bowl of nutritious fruit help you to stabilize the holy navaratri function.