This too shall pass

Even though you are feeling like everything is ended and you lost your entire life, it is not actually the case. You have to recover from it and you should think the sweet memories again and again. Stop crying and eat some ice cream to empower yourself to get out of the current situation.


Never 2nd guess your self-worth

If you are a woman, don’t allow some of the boys who would not provide the proper value to your love and thinking. You just think about yourself because it is the highly necessary think to bounce back from the lower confidence level.

You are beautiful

You are always beautiful and never forget it anytime and at any situation. It is his/her bad luck to miss you in the lifetime.

Move on

Whether it is your or your partner’s mistake, don’t waste time on thinking about what went wrong and why she or he rejected you and etc. The truth is he/she is not a perfect match for you and you should look for someone who perfectly matches you. So, forget everything and move on your way happily.

Focus on you & the future

Even though you saw your ex-partner or contact him or her, you just forget about everything and only focus on your future to do the best things in the most interesting way. Go through on your interested things and dream career to change your focus.


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