Top 5 things to do in Ooty


1. Visit to the Botanical garden

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When in Ooty it is a must at you visit the Botanical which is located in the slopes of the Doddabetta peak. The terraced garden is maintained by the Tamil Nadu horticultural society and covers an area of 22 hectares. A long walk through the garden is that best part of it. It is a famous tourist attraction and attracts many people.

2. Doddabetta Peak

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One cannot miss the view from the Doddabetta Peak when in Ooty. It is a place picture perfect and you can enjoy the scenic beauty of it. It is of around 8650 feet and is one of the highest peaks in India. The peacefulness of the place brings many people to the peak. There is also a small eatery place which is really nice.

3. Visit the Avalanche Lake

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Avalanche Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in India. It is located around 28 kilometers from Ooty. The landscape surrounding the lake is just amazing and makes it worth a visit. You can also indulge in fishing here and stay for around 2 days to enjoy the place. It is also a good place for trekking.

4. Tea factory visit

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You can also put visiting to the tea factory in your to-do list in Ooty. You can smell the aroma of the fresh tea leaves. You can also buy tea which is processed at the factory. You will also be provided tea prepared from the freshly processed leaves and it tastes amazingly fragrant. It is a peaceful and nice place which attracts a lot of people.

5. Visit the Toda Hamlets

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This place has some strange inverted U-shaped huts with a tiny entrance and no windows at all. It is the residence of the Toda community who were the original occupants of the place. You may also buy some beautiful embroidered shawls from this place.