Recently, Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani was engaged to the Shloka Mehta with the grand party and night events. The guests came there worn the most stylish and attractive outfits in order to attend this Ambani family’s engagement party.

Zaheer Khan

His style is great in this party with the blue jeans over tailored trousers makes him good looking.

Karan Johar

Both his custom Gucci suit and footwear grab the attention of several numbers of guests while he entered to the stage.

Shah Rukh Khan

His overall solid black suit without any contrast is great, to give him formal and stylish look.

Akash Ambani

He is a groom with the blue 3 piece suit to give perfect look with white shirt.

Vir Hirani

Vir flashed his style with the two buttons open on white shirt with the low heeled dress shoes makes him sexy look.