The Leela Palace, New Delhi


This Leela Palace terrace pool is temperature controlled and the perfect choice for an ideal luxury swim. The stone walls are adorned with green fresco on one side and bronze artwork on the other side which is visually appealing However while swimming laps in the pool, it is the capital horizon which takes your breath away.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


This lofty pool of 150 meter and situated at an altitude of 200 meters high, it is an exhilarating feeling for the hotel guests to plunge in.   Honestly speaking, this fantastic pool provides a divine sensation of gliding gracefully in the sky, as the splendid city skyline meets your amazed eyes. Many guests want to visit Singapore and stay at the hotel once more for the sole purpose of this attractive pool.

Hong Kong, the Ritz Carlton


The infinite swimming pool indoor at this lovely hotel is enough to make the tourists breathless. It is perched 490 meters above the sea altitude and there are images being played continuously from the one hundred and forty four LED screens on the ceiling. It is done to entertain the swimmers. There is an also an attractive outdoor Jacuzzi.

Bali, Alila Ubud


There is lovely greenery as far as the eye can see. This lofty swimming pool sparkles emerald green to the fascinated onlookers and is of 25 meters, being situated on the terrace of the Alila Ubud. The sundeck is tiled with stones and there are sun beds with Balinese umbrellas on top of each sun bed. If you are in Bali, it is an absolute don’t miss.

Sri Lanka, Cape Weligama


A visit to Sri Lanka is not complete without a refreshing plunge in the Moon Pool of the crescent shape. It is on the edge of Cape Weligama.  It offers a perfect panorama of the endless blue ocean and also a great spot for whale watching. The pool is of sixty meters and at night, the reflections of the moon and stars are portrayed on the pool waters.