South Africa is different in more ways than one. The ‘Rainbow Nation’ is a land of opportunity when it comes to unique travel experiences, amazing views, beaches, memorable safaris and PENGUINS!

It was not difficult to come up with factors as to why visitors should ‘not’ create their way down to South Africa – it was just too easy. There are so many ‘pitfalls’ about South Africa that we decided to accept them and have a better look at what they are.

Cape Town – South Africa may have more than a few factors why you should never journey here.

image: lonelyplanet

This is a leads up for visitors wanting to visit the country and an indication for local South Africans to ‘never’ spread their wings, travel and discover the domestic borders of SA. There are the obvious factors as locals rant and rave about how they feel about South Africa.

The View of Lion’s Head


It may require a bit of sweat to see them, but it’s so worth it! If you’re in Cape Town, go to Lion’s Head for unbelievable views of Desk Hill, the 12 Apostles (obviously not the ones in Sydney, South Africa have their own!), Sea Point, Robben Island and the town centre.

Table Mountain in Cape Town


With its richness in culture and history, there’s nowhere quite like Cape Town! Located on South Africa’s south-west coast and house to the famous Table Mountain, you know you’re in for some amazing attractions. Don’t worry if climbing isn’t your thing, you can take a cable car to the top instead. Once you’re up there, take in the views with a glass of Cape Town’s best wine.

Whale Watching


Have yourself a whale of a time and see the beautiful creatures in near proximity in the wild! Optimum whale viewing season is from July to Nov, but many types of whales and whales can be seen all year-round. It’s breath-taking to see these amazing creatures in their natural environment, getting one another, and tracking, raising their young and playing together in their family coffee pods.



Johannesburg has fast become one of South Africa’s most famous and brilliant places. With over 6 million plants, Joburg may just be the world’s biggest man-made city woodlands. The city is also house to one of Africa’s main safari locations, Kruger National Park; you can get in near proximity to the famous Big 5!

Penguins in Cape Peninsula


On the very southern tip of Boulders Beach, you’ll be able to pop by and say hello to a lot of little penguins cooling on the rock or, if they’re feeling a bit more dynamic, darting in and out of the cold waters off the coast of this beach on the Cape Peninsula.

History and lifestyle trips are the perfect beginning or end to any South Africa vacation and will help visitors gain understanding into the complicated background societies that create South Africa what it is today. A must do trip when in Limpopo is The Pedi Living Culture Path. It’s an outing into the background customs of the Pedi people in the Limpopo region. Go to our ancestor’s kraal, meet artists and crafters, walk through a traditional town, and find out more about Pedi tradition and myth.