Top 5 places to visit in Manipur


1. Senapati

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This remotely located place remains untouched by human crowd and it’s left over wastes. The hills with streams flowing amongst them irrigate the dense forest of the region which harbors every variety of flora and fauna. The Dzuko valley, Sadhu Chiru waterfalls are spots not to be missed out.

2. Ukhrul

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Visitors would experience a spiritual happiness by a visit in this picturesque region. The hills, valley and waterfalls create a visual symphony of beauty. Some particular must see spots are the Khayang Peak, Kachouphung Lakem, Khangkhui Cave and Nillai Tea Estate.

3.  Imphal

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Located at the heart of Manipur, Imphal is the state capital. The forests in this place are dense and then there is sprawling grassland too all over. Some of the spots for tourist interest are Loktak Lake, Kangla Fort and Matai Garden.

4. Thoubal

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By way of natural view and the trails for hiking enthusiasts, Thoubal is very popular for touring crowds. Localities have planted banyan trees along the roadside which adds to the green effect of the place. Some important river side’s to visit are Thoubal River, Lkop Lake and Imphal River.

5. Bishnupur

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 The place of religious sentiment, Bishnupur is well known for the numerous temples in this area. Dating back centuries, the temples hold the rich traditions that Manipur is known for. Some important temples are the Rasmancha, Pancha Ratna, Siddheshwar and Sridhara temples.