Top 5 places to visit in Chennai


1. Marina Beach

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One of the best beaches in Chennai is the Marina Beach which is famous. It is a happening beach in Chennai where you can enjoy the beautiful sun rise and sand the palm trees. An old light house stands on the southern end of Marina along with several other structures including an aquarium, a swimming pool and a park. There are also many food stalls around the beach where you get amazing street food.

2. San Thomas Church

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It is a famous structure which is of great importance to the Christian community. It showcases the remains of the colonial past. There is a museum, library an also a shop selling prayer materials. It is a famous tourist destination which attracts many people of all religions.

3. Velankanni Shrine

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One of the most beautiful shrines in India is the Velankanni Shrine. It is huge and a pristine white structure which attracts many Christian and non-Christians devotees. The church is beautiful and stands by the Bay of Bengal.

4. Sri Parthasarathy Temple

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In Chennai there are many famous and worth watching temple and one of them is the Sri Parthasarathy Temple. It is said that Sri Parthasarathy Temple is the oldest temple in Chennai and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The splendid gopuram is just amazing to watch. Many devotees come to visit the temple every day. There is something special about this temple that sets it apart from all other famous temples in Chennai.

5. Crocodile Bank

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The crocodile bank in Chennai is a famous tourist destination. It was constructed to preserve and protect reptiles such as alligators, snakes, sea turtles, water birds, crocodile, etc. There is also a shop where one can purchase books and memorabilia related to all reptiles. On Mondays the park is closed and photography is allowed in this bank. It is a place worthy for visiting.