Argo Gede Train Railroad – Indonesia


The Argo Gede Railroad, Indonesia, Running from Jakarta to Bandung which is approximately a three-hour ride is wonderful but dangerous. It goes over the sky-high Cikurutug pylon trestle bridge in Indonesia; you can see an in-depth subtropical area. If you are afraid of heights, it’s better to not look out of your window. The last significant incident on this path occurred in 2002 when the train experienced derailment.  The path cuts through the incredibly beautiful places, travelers can enjoy vast tea farms and hill scenery during their trip, as well as notice tiny villages and rice fields. However, such a calming and relaxing scenery changes suddenly when the train goes into the high iron Cikurutug Bridge.

Chennai-Rameswaram Route – India

This path is a 1.4 kilometers long bridge that has been designed entirely in between the Indian Ocean. It was designed long ago again in the 19th century. The train has to cross the bridge at quite low rates of speed thanks to the opposing force of strong winds. It takes about 20 minutes to cross the bridge due to this reason. A number of injuries have occurred on this path. The last significant one was back again In 1964 when a storm swept away a full train. This cantilever bridge is a fine example of Indian engineering.

Tren A Las Nubes – Argentina

The Tren A Las Nubes is also called as “Train In The Clouds” as it is constructed 13,850 ft above sea level making it the third highest railway in the world. It joins Salta in north-central Argentina to La Polvorilla on the border of Chile. This great ride has a lot more interesting. The entire path has around 20 tunnels, 13 high-line joins and more than 10 viaducts. There are several steep grades on the road that would frighten the terrible out of you. Visitors have more than enough chances to feel an excitement rush, that’s what has made this train so highly sought after.

White Pass And Yukon Route – Alaska

This train path, which is said to ‘cling to cliffs’, was designed in 1898 at the peak of the Klondike Gold Rush but these days the 20-mile route is mainly used by thrill-seeking tourists. It has been designed along 9000ft high cliffs that expand for more than 20 kilometers. The path goes through high cliffs and powerful scenery. All in all, a trip to keep in mind.

Kuranda Picturesque Railway – Australia

Etching its way through the Barron Gorge National Park since the 1800s, this track goes so close to falls that the water sprays the tracks. The road gets its name for spectacular views that travelers are provided as it winds its way through the heavy jungle. This particular path was designed long ago again in the 1700s between Kurandis and Cairns and features quite a tremendous trip that allows travellers have fun with enchanting views of World Heritage site detailed rainforest. It makes its way through extreme ravines and falls that are quite awesome. Those of you who do take this path shall remember it forever.