All would prefer the tastiest dishes when compared to the normal food. In the home no one can able to prepare all dishes with yummy taste. But when you wish sure you can order and have the amazing dishes.

The top attractive dishes which had stolen the heart of others are as follows



All would just fall in love with mussels when they had tasted it for the first time. The crispy and attractive layered potatoes with white gold butchers would be preferred by all.



The tastiest polentas at union square café were you would have a delicious feel after having it. Your eyes and tongue would like to see and eat the banana leaf roasted skate. These type of dishes would tastes better and you can able to go and taste in the hotel that you wish and sure you would enjoy it after having them.

Shrimp scampi with the butter noodles


The shrimp scampi with the butter noodles would be easy for you to just prepare by using the ice cream sundae and it had been rolled out over the top ice cream and you can get them in the giant whipped cream.

The caviar hand rolls


The caviar hand rolls would look so unique and it is combined up with the multiple type of the ingredients that all rolled up all together to form the delicious dish. Even the tlayuda with skirt steek that is with the al carbon, modelo onions and stinky crema and claro would be tasty.

Lobster cappuccino with butternut squash


You can also have the lobster cappuccino with butternut squash and lobster dumpling aldea. The juicy GZ dog is slathered with spicy mustard and pickles that had made up of with the different ingredients.