Top 5 most expensive cities in the


1. Foreigners Royal Life Land – Luanda, Angola

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Luanda, capital of Angola, is the world’s most luxurious city which need minimum of $4000 to rent single bedroom flat per month. Foreigners willing to do business here, because minerals and resource loaded and Africa’s second largest oil exporting and growing city.

2. Enjoy the Food Style and Lively Nature – Hong Kong, China

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Hong Kong, world’s second expensive city with about $11,000 average rate/square feet land. Recently its dollar hanged to US dollar. It’s famous for skyline, harbour and a great city for delicious food lovers. Makes amazing and admiring lively mood in lighting with gentle breeze.

3. Finest Art Land of the World – Zurich, Switzerland

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Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland where a family with three members needs minimum of $3,600/month apart from rent to live a peaceful life. Grand place for art lovers with more than 50 museums, among 14 specially dedicated for arts.

4. Experience the Royal Life Style – Singapore

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Singapore maintains name ‘most expensive city’ successfully in row of second year as latest survey of Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), with high price for groceries, dresses, and other products. The transports charge three times more than that of New York City life.

5. Feel the Nature Atmosphere – Geneva, Switzerland

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Geneva maintain in top five expensive cities position for second year because of real estate markets. The Shimmering Lake Leman is a famous spot of Geneva which consists of Alps and Jura mountain ranges on both sides that attracts most of the tourists.