Top 5 Hollywood   celebrities who earn more than actors

  1. Taylor Swift

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She has raked in a moolah of around seventeen million dollars and that is quite saying something.  It is something higher than the stars earn even.

  1. Matt Demon

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This actor has raked in a whopping sum of twenty nine million dollars. His first two box office flicks were capable of catching as much as 850 million dollars.

  1. Jim Carrey

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At one point of time, he was also a contender for the top earning actor who managed to pocket thirty nine million dollars for his character in the Cable Guy.  He is renowned as one of the best comedians of all times.

  1. Reese Witherspoon

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Although the movie Rendition was a flop, this actress continues to earn fifteen to twenty million dollars per film


  1. K. Rowling

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He is   Mr. Moneybags for the creation of the international rage, Harry Potter. Thus he earns a lot more than the stars.