Trift Bridge – Switzerland


This 180 metres long and 110 metres great bridge is operating out of the Alps of Gaden in Switzerland. It was integrated 2004 as a means to reach the Trift hut of the Swiss Alpine Club and was a dangerous simple rope ridge; it was later rebuilt in 2009 to give it a few developments. Before its development, guests visited the Hut by way of the Trift glacier. This bridge is not safer to cross and the level of security is very poor. The two ends have no protection, not even the support of ropes. Muster up the courage to cross the wobbly bridge, just not to overlook the amazing views of the snow-capped hills.

Vine Footpaths AKA Bridges – Japan

Vine Footpaths AKA Bridges have reached Ivy Valley, Japan. The small bridges were made in historical time for the fighters and refugees to secure their territories.  It is located over the Iya River and has been spread with 13 inches wide from the two ends of the mountains. On one side of the Iya River is located the popular Repovesi Nature Park. The architects must have thought of reducing the bridge to many levels, but it seems that they didn’t know that the crossers will find it really unpleasant to go over it and will have lack of posture balance.

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge – UK


Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is operating out of Antrim City, Northern Eire, UK. The 21 metres long process of this bridge is found at the peak of 30 metres. It requires lots of will to the tourists to cross this bridge; a light-weight suspension of rope is there something like your help however the fact is that it isn’t that easy to cross this dangerous bridge. Held up at the height of 100 feet, it needs a lot of bravery and assurance to go across this light suspension of rope. When it’s windy, the bridge sways and will make your legs go weak. Though it’s a frightening process, enjoy the thrilling views.

The Monkey Bridges – Vietnam


Located along Mekong Delta, the name comes from the monkey-like posture you believe when crossing it, these bridges are not much great like the rest but the risk of falling off or that of any of them collapse is high. The bridge itself is often designed from one long bamboo log with another one above it to serve as a handrail. The supports for these logs are just a set of more bamboo, crisscrossed to hold the logs at their junction point.

Foot Bridges – Pakistan


Known as the world’s most dangerous bridge, this walkway crosses Borit Lake in Pakistan and looks absolutely horrible. The Foot Bridges of Pakistan are just like the playground for your kids. This bridge is hanged high with poor suspension and was made with the poor material. Even I could see that the support from the two ends of the bridge is incredibly poor. It is not an approval to go through this bridge until or unless needed.