Top 5 haunted places in India


1. Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan

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The freaky fort located on the way to Alwar and Jaipur which place was cursed by a black magic sorcerer long centuries back. World’s most haunted place that don’t have rooftop where the rooftop build here over households got collapse over dark night people stay won’t return back.

2. D’Souza Chawl in Mahim – Mumbai

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It is said that a girl feel into the water and scream a lot for help but without help she lost his life. Mostly since then many people witness that a woman creeping around the well and surrounding environment.

3. Shaniwarwada Fort – Pune

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This tallest architectural building had a mysterious story where a young boy was murdered brutally. His spirit since living there is a strong belief with his screaming sound as witness by many local who interestingly staying at the ground there.

4. GP Block – Meerut

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This place is popular for paranormal activities. Sometimes four boys sitting together in a single candle and enjoying alcoholic times and some other times a girl came out in a red dress is a commonly telling story by most of the locals there.

5. Jatinga – Assam

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Jatinga village is more popular worldwide for an unexplained incident happening here. Several migration birds visit this place, but during moonless nights of September and October the birds always plummet as their destiny to death where the fact is not known till now.