Top 5 Countries for Foodies


1. Japan

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The simple mention of the country name pops the delicious dish, Sushi, into our minds. Tofu, noodles, white rice, raw fish and soy beans are the major other dishes in Japanese cuisine. The Japanese are limited in too many flavours and spices.

2. Spain

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One can find in the Spain people, the passion to eat, for their lots and wide varieties of foods that the Spain people prefer to have at their dining table.

3. Thailand

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This is the world’s best food destination; any one would answer the same. In Thailand one can find many number of and all sorts of yummy treats to tease your tongue. It has the world famous curries, steamed pork, exotic sauces, spicy fried noodles and many more delicious dishes.

4. India

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If you want to taste different food at every stop, then you can experience a diverse cuisine with all of the states in India. The diversity in cultures, has given us the option to have different tastes of food in different states.

5. Argentina

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This is the perfect destination for meat lovers, and one can experience the tastes of Pampas beef if you come to this place. Though still doesn’t offer food at cheaper prices, but for meat eaters, Argentina is a frugal option.