Chettinad chicken

Chettinad chicken is one of the traditional Indian cuisines that make everyone mouthwatering. It hasunique aroma, taste and flavor. It consists of chicken marinated in turmeric, yogurt coconut, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, onion and garlic. Black pepper is the main ingredient of this to become more spicy and rich in taste. It is best for rice and paratha.

Fish moolie

Kerala is authentic for its traditional food. It is a type of Kerala style fish curry. It is an amazing dish which is rich in coconut milk. It is one of the exquisite fish curry in that state. It is not much spicy but enriched with its different flavor. Fish pieces are simmered in smooth coconut gravy. Definitely it goes with many main dishes especially for bread, roti and appam.

Dal Baati Churma

It is one of the main course dishes in Rajasthan .It is the three in one and also a traditional combination which is of spicy dal, semi-sweet churma and with the baatis. Instead of churma you can enjoy with spicy garlic chutney. It has eccentric flavor of both spiciness and sweetness. This flavor will enlighten your taste buds. Rajasthan festivals and occasions were incomplete with this amazing recipe.

Gongura mamsam

A variant Andhra mutton curry recipe with gongura leaves. Generally Gongura Leaves are sour in taste and has high nutrition value in it. It is the combination of little spicy and tangy. The typical aroma and taste of this dish which make you to lick your finger. Enjoy this delectable dish with rice and roti.


Even though there are six flavors is there the sweet takes place the top list. It is a complete Bengali dessert. This dish will melt your heart by its look. It is form of thin crepes stuffed with jaggery filling. The crepes are made up of flour, semolina, sugar and milk. The filling is bended form of coconut and jaggery. Ghee is the main ingredient to enrich its taste.