All newly married couples seek an adventurous and romantic spot to kindle the flames of passion. Well, Bahrain can be a very good option for you to go on a Luxury Honeymoon.   Check out the fun spots and activities in Bahrain.

Fantastic hotels and restaurants with spectacular views


There are wonderful activities and thrilling places to put up in Bahrain. The luxurious Amwaj Suite sprawls an impressive length of 274 sq m. You can even get a wonderful view of the sea. The best part is that it comes with a lounge, Jacuzzi, outdoor terrace and dining area. Just imagine looking at the bay and enjoying delicious Japanese dish or some delectable French Cuisine while overlooking the bay.

If you or your spouse have a penchant for all things Japanese and have been hearing stories of the valiant Samurais, don’t forget to visit Bushido. It is a Japanese restaurant in Bahrain which is modeled around the Samurai theme, having slow lights and Japanese artifacts. Gallery 21 is another restaurant which comes with a fully equipped bar, a café, an art gallery for the art lovers and the French bistro.

Enjoyable marine activities


If the couple would like some thrilling adventure to make the holiday a memorable one, it is recommended that they visit the Al Dar Islands. There are water sports galore for the adventure buffs. Whether it is reeling a fish or soaring about on a Ski-Do, this island is the happening spot to be in.

A special mention about the mesmerizing black pears Bahrain is famous for. If someone is interested in pearl diving there are special diving classes for the same.  The Museum of Pearl Diving can also be visited which tickets are available at the National Museum.

Perfect for nocturnal


Bahrain has a very thriving nightlife as well with lots of happening clubs, bars and fabulous restaurants. You can easily let your hair down and party away. If you are short of Bahrain dinars, the currency converter services like the Travelex are always available. So honeymooners gear up and spend the perfect holiday in this gorgeous country to return home with cherished memories.