Top 10 Wildlife Safari In The World


1. Enjoy Beautiful Birds Gallery In Everglades National Park, Florida

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If you are wildlife lover to see their nature behaviour then Everglades located in Florida is for you. The vast wetland in the park addresses the bird’s spot that attracts and gathers most of the tourists. Tropical wading birds make this as their breeding land and there are several endangered species like Panther, Crocodiles make this as their convenient hometown.

2. Witness Animals Personality In The Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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The Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming in US is popular for its watchable wildlife where some animals are identified by American culture such as bison and bears. There are some wolves roaming in its dense forest areas. There are common varieties of moose, cutthroat trout and more where you can see your favourite animals in natural environment.

3. Eye-Catching atmosphere and Rare Animals In Kanha National Park, India

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The Madhya Pradesh famous Kanha National Park is popular for Royal Bengal Tigers, Sloth Bears, leopards and Indian wild dogs. There are plenty of water resources, green fields, bamboo forests, and trees with fresh air make the park nature more beautiful. The tropical climate makes moist flavour to more than 1000 species flowers.

4. Exciting Species of Animals and Birds Collections in Bandipur National Park, India

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Bandipur National Park specialized in protecting tigers from hunting and harvesting activities situated in Karnataka. Other vulnerable species like muggers, Indian rock pythons, Indian Elephants, four-horned antelopes and dholes maintained well in this nature. The Vultures, honey buzzards, hoopoes, brown fish owls and many other migrating birds also found in this park.

5. Visit Natural Wonder and Enjoy Colourful Marine Species in Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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The Nature turns another part of its beautiful colours and environment towards this Great Barrier Reef location of Australia which is one among the natural wonders of the world. In addition with the amazing collection of marine species like Fishes, turtles, sharks and frogs, it also occupied with forest animals too.

6. Discover Various Marine Species and its Habitats at Galapagos National Parks, Ecuador

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It is interesting to visit marine organisms like corals and green sea turtles that decorated the Galapagos National Parks of Ecuador. Sea birds often fly over there are strong flyers which frequently travel in the open sea level. The birds, mammal and reptiles of Galapagos Island are well habituated to survive under these conditions with full freedom.

7. Enjoy the Nature’s Most Spectacular Achievements in Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia

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Gunung Mulu National Park situated in Malaysia, well famous for biodiversity and limestone karst formation. It is thrilling as well as relaxing location apart from your routine life. Gunung Mulu will make you discover new things like Deer Caves, Clearwater Caves, Canopy Skywalk, Garden of Eden, and the Pinnacles along with interesting trekking, climbing and summits activities.

8. Experience The Wide Range of Habitats and Amazing Scenery in Kasanka National Park, Zambia

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Kasanka National Park is place decorated with wide range of habitats like Evergreen forests, Chipya, Papyrus swamps and Dambo. The leopards are the major occupant predators of the park where the others are simply revolve around the park freely. In addition, it secures incredible variety of insects and other arthropods.

9. Chimp Eden in Mpumalanga, South Africa

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The Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden also known as Chimp Eden adopting several Chimpanzees and maintained them in safe and healthy environment. It’s the only sanctuary organized specially for Chimpanzees located within South Africa.

10. Volcanoes National Park lies in North-western Rwanda

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Visit the heaven place for Mountain Gorilla, Volcanoes National Park consists of nearly ten habituated Gorilla groups specially shown for tourist’s joy. One can enjoy interesting activities of the Golden Monkeys, climbing of Bisoke and Karisimbi volcano and the tomb of Dian Fossey.