Top 10 waterfalls in the world


1. Kaieteur – Guyana, South America

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If u imagine to customize a waterfalls and surely it will resemble like this Kaieteur Falls. The supermodel waterfalls situated at the Guyana. The water flow is like single curtain flying from the top.

2. Angel Falls – Venezuela

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This is the world’s tallest waterfall where the river falls from 3212 feet height without any interruption in the water falling. It is best viewed from June to September months every year.

3. Iguassu Falls – Brazil and Argentina

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This Iguassu Falls is the Devil’s throat with 2297 feet as a half bowl shaped which is almost scary to watch. The river across the Brazil and Argentina make a split up between them.

4. Tugela Falls – South Africa

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This waterfall smash into the Royal National Park, which is a highlight of Kwazulu – Natal region of South Africa. The sheer glory of this African falls panorama as the river pours over the Amphitheatre.

5. Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe and Zambia, Africa

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It is world’s biggest waterfalls located in Zimbabwe with the synonyms of ‘the smoke that thunders’. It is swollen during the months of February to May which is perfect days to visit.

6. Niagara Falls – US and Canada

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It is most recognisable waterfall of North America which is also world famous one. Its vast size can’t even equivalent with its reputation. The two sections of this falls are separated by an Island.

7. Browne Falls – New Zealand

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Mostly we see the waterfalls dominate the location, but here the Browne falls is prettier up on the already decorated beauty of the nature with its flow. It is the tallest waterfall of Autraliasia.

8. Vinnufossen – Norway

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The most stunning and tallest Vinnufossen waterfall is a pride of Europe and it is sixth tallest in the world. It is an elephant giant, fed with the Vinnufonna Glacier which flows from the Vinnufjellet Mountain.

9. Dettifoss – Iceland

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There is a spiritual home of waterfall, which seems in the form of Dettifoss, from the north-east of the country side. It doesn’t delay its reputation even it is the most powerful waterfalls of Europe.

10. Eas a’ Chual Aluinn – UK

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Scotland makes shine even a star where this Eas a’ Chual Aluinn situated near kylesku in Sutherland. It dives from more than 658 feet height which is three times taller than Niagara fall.


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